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Developing a Solid Business Foundation

Why Engage Account/Ability Resources?

There is more to financial management than paying bills and recording income. AARI brings focused experience to our clients, giving appropriate information to the owner-manager which is accurate, concise and timely. These issues typically are in the following areas:

  • Customer Information - Who are your customers, How can you reach them, What was sold to them and who has amounts outstanding?
  • Bank Accounts - Does the amount your bank says you have agree with what you think you have? If the bank made a mistake would you be able to tell?
  • Employees - Do your employees work efficiently toward the goals of the business, do they understand their compensation and can they count on a timely and accurate paycheck?
  • Taxes - Do you know which taxing authorities require your reporting and payments? Can you accurately calculate what you owe them? Do you pay them on time?
  • Planning - Do you have a plan for how much business you will generate this year/next year? How much will this cost you to generate? If you succeed do you know how much cash/capital you will need to cover your success?

If you have doubts about the way you are dealing with any of the above issues, you need the services of Account / Ability Resources. | copyright © account/ability resources.
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